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Premium Series

Hennsley™ Premium Series is designed only for the ultimate comfort and support. In this series, the Standard Compact Pocketed Innerspring System is further enhanced with a 3-Zone, 7-Zone and Soft Touch® 7-Zone sleep system. Topping up with top grade top panel fabrics, the premium series is developed for people who wish to take their sleeping experience to the next higher level.

3-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System

• The spring system are classified into 3 different zones – Upper Body Zone, The Low Back Zone and the Lower Leg Zone.

• Our shoulder to hips account for 50% of our weight when lying flat. A 3-Zone Pocketed innerspring system offers extra support for this area, providing optimal spinal alignment and even body weight distribution.

7-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System

• Exclusively designed for correct support and superior comfort, Hennsley™ 7-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System, provides you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

• The 7-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System is designed by human’s body shape and contour. The mattress is divided into 7 sections - Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Legs and Feet.

• With each part of your body fitting nicely into the correct zones, the result is a more consistent and even body support. Giving you an unsurpassed sleeping experience you desire.
SoftTouch® Premium Quality Pocketed Innerspring System

SoftTouch® Premium Quality Pocketed Innerspring System provides you with a more refined comfort and progressive support.

SoftTouch® Premium Quality Pocketed Innersprings comes with an uniquely designed cradling section on top of the springs that deliver a high degree of comfort, making them highly receptive to individual body weights, shapes, and sleep patterns.

These springs provide an initial softness that becomes progressively firmer as more weight is applied. The unique design coupled with high performance result with uncompromised reassuring support, makes it the ultimate sleep system for everyone.

High Density Foam Border Encasement provides you with much more stability when you are sleeping, extra sleeping space at the edge and reducing the “roll-off”effect.

All Premium Series Models come with a Non-Slip Mattress Base Pad. With this Non-Slip technology, making your bed will be much easier.

Premium Visco Elastic Memory Foam provides relief to your pressure points. Conforms nicely to your body contour and provide you the extra comfort. (For selected models).

Premium 100% Natural Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and highly durable, it provides you the extra support you can get in a mattress. (For selected models).

Our Premium Series mattresses come with tickings with special features, such as Algua – it is a bio-functional or beauty-functional fabric which enable you to feel recharged and energise after a good night’s sleep.

Coolmax, on the other hand, is a performance fabric engineered with special technology to wick moisture and accelerate drying. It helps keep things cool, comfortable and dry.

All our Premium Series fabrics are treated with anti dust mite, anti bacterial and anti fungi properties. You can have a total peace of mind when sleeping on it.