There Is No Greater Wealth In This World Than Peace Of Mind

100 Days Peace Of Mind Promise

We understand how complex it is to buy a new mattress for you and your love ones. It has to be right for you in terms of comfort, support, your sleeping patterns and body contours.  Sometimes, to decide which mattress to buy with just minutes of trying out, might prove to be a wrong decision.  At Hennsley®, we understand the stress behind the process of buying a mattress, and we strive to eliminate this stress by offering a 100-day Peace Of Mind Promise to our customers.  If within this 100-day period you feel that the mattress doesn’t suit your sleeping requirements, you are free to choose another Hennsley® model for an exchange.  (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Terms & Conditions

• Under this 100 Days Peace of Mind Program, any exchange can only be done after 30 days.  Do note that our body requires at least 30 days to adapt to any change of support or comfort arises from the change of mattress feel vs your older mattress.  In many cases, after 30 days, customers will be able to adapt to the new mattress feel, therefore it is necessary for customers to get their body accustomed to the new mattress feel before requesting for an exchange.

• This promise is only meant for exchange of other Hennsley’s models, and not for refund.

• Customers need to fill up the form below to request for an exchange.  We will get in contact with you upon receiving this information.

• For the exchange, customers can choose to top up the difference if they opt for an exchange for a higher range model.  Alternatively, if they are downgrading to a lower model, there is no refund.

• For top up, the top up amount is subject to the prevailing retail/promotional price of the replacement model at the time of the claim.

• Customers are to note that, in the event, if they do not like any of our existing Hennsley’s models for the exchange to take place, there will be no refund or cancellation of the order.

• 100 days will start from the date of delivery, regardless if the mattress is used from the date of delivery.

• The subject mattress must be bought from Hennsley’s authorized dealers.

• 100 Days Peace of Mind Program does not apply to customised or odd size mattress.  It also does not cover for mattress bought under clearance sale.

• The subject mattress need to be assessed by our service technician before any exchanging.

• The subject mattress must be free from stains or soiling.  It must be well-protected by a mattress protector.  Hennsley reserves the rights not to exchange for customers, if the subject mattress is found to be not acceptable as per our terms and conditions stated.

• Customers are to note that the exchange can only be done once.

• The exchange will be carried out within 30 days, subject to stock availability of the replacement mattress model.

• After 100 days, customers will not be able to claim for any exchange.  Strictly, no extension allow.

• Hennsley reserves the rights to offer other replacement models, if the model chosen by customers is discontinued.

• This program supercede the 3rd point under “What the warranty doesn’t cover” section on the warranty card.  

• Warranty for the replacement mattress will continue from the delivery date of the first mattress, regardless if the warranty is registered or not.

• We do not compensate customers on any investment they have made in bed-linens, in the event they decided to claim an exchange (be it a thinner or thicker mattresses).

• No change of bedframe is allowed if the gap between the headboard cushion and the base of the bedframe is too wide or too narrow due to the thickness difference between the replacement mattress and the existing mattress.

• This program is not valid in the case of wrong size ordered on the part of customers. Meaning, no change of size is allowed.

• There will be a fee of $150 chargeable to customers for the 2-way Transport & Labour Cost for the exchange.  Please note that this fee is on top of any top up amount if customers choose to upgrade to another higher range model. For downgrading of model, this fee still applies.

• The returned mattresses are donated to various charitable organisations and less fortunate people.


   I agree to the terms and conditions stated above for the 100POM exchange or claim.