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I heard people saying about body impression. What is body impression and how does it affect my sleep?

Body impression is a natural phenomenon which will occur after sleeping on a mattress, especially so on a premium plush mattress.  Mattresses are made with materials such as latex or foams, which are both natural and synthetic.  The plusher the bed the foams are added in the mattress.  With your weight consistently on the mattress for hours every day, it will season the materials and thereby creating what we call a body impression on the mattress.  It is just like when you first bought a pair of shoes, the shoes felt stiff and uncomfortable when you first wear it.  Through time, the shoes become more and more comfortable as it has conformed to the shape and size of your feet.  So, it is not something you should worried about.  In fact, having a body impression is a good thing.  It shows that the mattress has conform to your unique body shape, and it is clinically proven to help support spinal alignment and provide the pressure relief needed for a great night’s sleep.