We Deliver What We Promise

What is excluded under our warranty?


  • Mattress top and border fabric cover
  • Mattress handles (they are meant for positioning or rotating your mattress only, and not for moving)
  • Comfort preference
  • Back pain
  • Damage due to misuse or abuse (i.e. jumping, standing and bending)
  • Damage due to use of inappropriate bedframes (such as bedframe with slats)
  • Bedsheet Fit
  • Mattress height/weight
  • Replacement mattress (unless this piece is defective as well)
  • For display or clearance pieces, they are sold as per ‘seen’ condition
  • Odor, if any, from new mattress (It will be gone after you aired your mattress for a few days)
  • Stained or soiled mattress, or mattress infested with vermin as a result of proximity with other products not manufactured by Hennsley™
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Mattress size within the tolerance level of 3cm +/- in length and width
  • Inspection, transportation or removal cost
  • Bedding used in Hotel, Motel, or for any other commercial usage
  • For exporting to other countries
  • Mattress not sold by Hennsley™ authorized retailer


  • Wear and tear from normal use
  • Damage caused by abuse or failure to follow care instructions
  • Normal changes in color, resilience, softness over time
  • Comfort preference
  • Odor that may develop over time
  • Fabric stain, tears or burns
  • Soiling, fluid penetration or other sign of abuse


  • Wear and tear from normal use
  • Damage caused by abuse (e.g. jumping or standing on the bed)