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Storage Bedframe

Headboard Design

Storage bed frames here in Singapore should not only provide us with the right relaxation, regeneration, and utility. They should feast our eyes, too, by having the right visual appeal to match the design of our bedroom’s interior and yes, to lighten up our mood. Hennsley® offers you a wide range of headboard designs that can match your taste and the design of your interior.

Storage Internal Height

With our hectic schedule and fast-paced industries, we would always welcome anything that offers us great utility aside from its visual appeal, like storage bed frames. Here at Hennsley®, you can expect our storage bed frames to be true to their word and offer a lot of space for you to put your necessities in. Our storage bed frames come in different internal heights that can suit your lifestyle.

German Hydraulic

All our storage bedframe comes with authentic German designed hydraulic gas springs by Bansbach®. Bansbach® easylift hydraulic gas springs are safe to use and as the name suggests, easy to lift as well. It also functions as a shock absorber and damper, used as both safety and functional elements to damp speed and slow down masses.