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Interfusic® Series

For the comfiest sleep you will ever have, invest in the greatest mattresses you can find. With a good mattress, you will be able to rest well for the big day that awaits! For a mattress that does a great job in supporting you as you sleep, Hennsley® Interfusic® Series Mattresses can provide you with unique support through its constructional fusion of two core deep sleep systems: Revolutionary 5-Zone Pocketed Innerspring Sleep System and Full 100% Natural Latex. With this pocket spring mattress available in Singapore, you will have the best sleep.

The 5-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System is designed by human’s body shape and contour. The mattress is divided into 5 sections - Head/Neck, Shoulder, Lumbar/Hip, Knee and Leg.

With each part of your body fitting nicely into the correct zones, the result is a more consistent and even body support. Giving you an unsurpassed sleeping experience you desire.

Each individual Innerspring is sewed into its own pocket of fabric. They are highly responsive to your weight distribution, body contour and sleeping patterns. Any form of motion transfer are isolated, thus minimises partner disturbance and prevent “roll together” effect.

High Density Foam Border Encasement provides you with much more stability when you are sleeping, extra sleeping space at the edge and reducing the “roll-off”effect.

Full Premium 100% Natural Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and highly durable, it provides you the extra support you can get in a mattress.

Latex Mattress
Anti Dust Mite, Bacterial and Fungal Properties

All our Interfusic Series fabrics are treated with anti dust mite, anti bacterial and anti fungi properties. You can have a total peace of mind when sleeping on it.

Our Interfusic® Series mattresses come with superior grade fabric treated with MagnaSilver®. MagnaSilver®helps to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature with safe and high level protection against bacteria, fungi and odour. The triple mechanism of Silver Ions prevent potential formation of adapted bacteria. Enjoy double protection against bacteria for our Interfusic® models (For selected models)

We only use 100% Natural Latex which is certified by eco-institut and LGA from Germany. Giving you a total peace of mind with quality assured.