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    1. I have suffering from allergies, what kind of mattress or pillows should I buy?
    2. I am buying a mattress for my old age parents. What kind of mattress should I buy?
    3. I am buying a new mattress to replace my existing mattress which are infested with bed bugs. What should I look out for?
    4. What kind of bedframe is more suitable or can extend the life of my mattress?
    5. My new mattress/bedframe has an odor, what should I do?
    6. When I toss and turn, the mattress there is a squeaking sound from the bed. What is that? And how to resolve it?
    7. I heard people saying about body impression. What is body impression and how does it affect my sleep?
    8. What is the difference between sagging and body impression?
    9. Can I clean my mattress using detergent or spray cleaner?
    10. My kids like to jump on the bed. Is it ok?
    11. I discovered that my Hennsley™ mattress has a slight deviation on the length and width as compared to the size given to me. Why is this so?
    12. Do I need to rotate my mattress?
    13. How long is Hennsley™ Warranty and what does it cover?
    14. Do bad back sufferers have to sleep on the firmest mattress?
    15. Is it true that children do not need a good mattress yet?
    16. Do I have to consider weight, height and size (both my partner’s and mine) when I am shopping for a mattress?
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    1. Reasons of not having good night sleep
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    4. How to select a good mattress?
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